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A Little About Me

Eddie Andre Santiago is not just an artist or a poet, he's human. He speaks from his heart and you always get sincerity and honesty from his art. He is a relatable voice for this generation, as he is a product of the changing tides in society. Eddie grew up in Central Florida listening to Kendrick Lamar, 2Pac, Eminem and J Cole and he considers those artists his inspiration in making him the man he is now. Eddie started the Potent Entertainment YouTube channel to spread his music and his ideas. He plans on turning Potent Entertainment into a brand and a label in the future. His latest release was the demo Space-Time. Eddie is currently enrolled at Full Sail University for Music Production. He is also the manager of Grassfed Audio. Naturally, Eddie feels as if he's always got to improve his craft and make himself the best artist he can be. Nothing has been given to him on his journey, he's had to work for everything, and he will continue to work until he reaches his dreams.

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